Oh how the time flies

Well! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything. Let’s chalk it up to a busy schedule, the gorgeous summer we’ve been having here (who wants to be inside on the computer when it’s beautiful out there??) and – okay fine, I can’t lie – the fact that I completely forgot I had the ability to update this myself! *le sigh* On to the update 🙂

Post-college life is turning out to be eerily similar to college life…minus the exams and 25-page papers and lectures delivered by professors who have to be speaking a foreign language. I’m still waking up early, racing from one side of Manhattan to another, from one job to another, and one event to another, then going to bed at roughly the same time I woke up. But no complaints! Seriously, I couldn’t love it more. Despite a jam-packed schedule, I actually have time for myself now. I’ve taken up running again, and kayaking, and I’m trying to learn how to cook (read: trying). All that and I’m still auditioning up a storm! Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Next week I’ll be able to take a break though: I’m going to Telluride Film Festival in Colorado! Thanks to a wonderful graduation gift (thank you!) I get to spend 5 days exploring Mesa Verde, camping in Telluride, and basking in the glow of new cinema. Needless to say, I’m psyched!! Pictures and recap of the festival to come…

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