Exciting News!

It’s been a busy week in the wild world of Lipica…

I’ll be shooting an industrial next week with OmUsha Communications for NAMI New Jersey (the National Alliance on Mental Illness). It’s a half documentary, half dramatization to raise awareness among police officers about how to better handle situations involving mentally ill people, rather than labeling them “crazy” and treating them like criminals. My role is really intriguing and definitely a challenge for me, but I’m really excited to work with such a talented group of people!

I recently began searching for a new apartment, and this week the hunt began in earnest *dun dun dun!!* So far…I’m a little worried about the prospects. I mean, which would you choose: the apartment with the shower in the kitchen and the bathroom outside in the shared hallway or the one advertised as a “200-square-foot studio” for the low, low price of a kidney? hmmmmm

And finally, the biggest news of all: I’m so excited to tell everyone that I am now a proud member of the bloc NYC agency family 🙂 I signed with bloc this afternoon and I absolutely cannot wait to work with them! We may be small, but as I always say, big things come in small packages. I’m really looking forward to growing, developing, and doing what I love to do with bloc’s guidance and support. Stay tuned…

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