“Lipika” is the Sanskrit word for “writer.” Maybe my destiny in this creative field was written in the cards the day my parents named me! Then again…

I spent my childhood actively avoiding the limelight. Growing up, I loved singing and playing dress up and reenacting all the parts from my favorite movies (especially Aladdin), but only in the safety of my own bedroom. I even refused to perform in the year-end recitals for my opera classes. Too many eyeballs staring back.

But fate (disguised as a double-doggy-dare) had other plans for me: as a freshman in high school, I was cast as The Witch in our spring production of Into the Woods. AKA: a dream role! (Gawd, I love Bernadette Peters…) Suddenly I was in love with everything about performing: research and preparation for character work, mining scripts with my castmates, the energy and passion inherent in a collaborative rehearsal process, and most of all performing – becoming another person and sharing their story with all those eyeballs in the dark. I wanted it all. So I packed my things and left small-town New Jersey for the Big City.

I’ve been in New York since 2005, first for school (any NYU-Tisch alums out there? Go Bobcats! Or Violets…still not sure which…), and then to give myself over to this crazy world we call “The Biz.” And honestly? It’s been amazing. At the risk of sounding like a cheese puff, I am beyond grateful to live in a city and work in an industry that’s so alive and inspiring; I want to do this forever. So help a gal out:

I LOVE NEW PLAYS. AND MUSICALS. I also love helping develop new plays! And musicals! Plus I’ve got a soft spot for sassy, brash, mysterious characters – the kind you spend 75% of the show loathing or rolling your eyes at, until they have that *one* moment of vulnerability that makes you rethink everything. Have you written one? Someday I’d really like to star in a Sharktopus-esque sci-fi film (for reals, and yes, there is a story here. Ask me in person 😉 ). Do you have any leads? Every day, I want to meet new people and collaborate on new projects and tell new stories. Want to join me? Contact me through my website, sign up for my newsletter, find me on Facebook or Twitter, and let’s get to work!

And if you’re not a film or play-maker, we can totally still chat about all kinds of other things – running, traveling, cooking (ooh and eating!), crossword puzzles, nature, dark chocolate…I’m an equal opportunity conversation-maker. And I truly appreciate your support!