My First TV Hosting Gig: “LunchNYC!”

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE food. I love to cook, I love to eat, and grocery shopping is my favorite kind of shopping (the only thing better is actually putting away the groceries and admiring my full refrigerator).

Food is one of the main reasons I began volunteering for Birds Nest Productions, the production company behind Lunch NYC, a new show from NYC Media. That and the fact that Lunch NYC is all about healthy initiatives in our fair city – places to find fresh/organic ingredients, restaurants that embrace the idea of going “green,” NYC locales that aim for sustainability…the list goes on!

I was given the opportunity to be a part of two episodes on screen (and many more behind the scenes!) Please check them out – perhaps you’ll learn something exciting about how New York is trying to take care of its residents. I know I did!

Episode 106: “Around the World in 5 Boroughs”

Episode 109: “Just Desserts”

Lunch NYC airs every Thursday at 8:30pm, on the NYC Life Channel.

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