Wow, it’s been a while…

…and it’s entirely my fault! I’ve found lately that my intentions are good – I intend to stay in touch with friends and family and actively maintain my news feed – but I’m a little lacking in the follow-through department. I’m working on it 🙂

In the meantime…2009 is only one month in, and I’ve already got big news to share! Thus far I have dabbled in comedy, had my first taste of “fame,” and ventured into the very scary and very exciting world of producing. Read on to find out how…

Many of you know of the company College Humor (If not, check out their website HERE!). They are known for consistently working with the same people; it is rare that they hold auditions. But – lo and behold – they were in need of an Indian actress for a shoot (can you tell where this is going?), I auditioned, and I booked the job! Last week I shot a parody of the television show “ER” with them – I will let you know when it is uploaded to their site!

As for my first taste of fame…a while back I was contacted by Joe Sapia, a journalist with the New Jersey newspaper “The Asbury Park Press.” I had worked with him before, and now he was interested in profiling me in an article for APP’s Jersey magazine “4074.” Of course I said yes! “4074” contains a section entitled “Passions,” and each issue highlights an individual – with ties to New Jersey – and their pursuit of their passion. Interviewing with Joe was such a pleasure (I even surprised myself with some of the things we talked about!) and the subsequent photography session was a blast! My article came out in the Jan/Feb issue of “4074.” Joe is in the process of sending me some hard copies, but you can read it online, just click HERE.

And finally, my very exciting – very challenging – producing adventure: a few weeks ago, my good friend Elizabeth Kerin was contacted by a brand new arts-charity project called She was invited to be one of the first five film directors – nationwide! – to participate in the launch of the Beneflix web site. Here’s the deal: these five directors each create a web series (a short TV show for the Internet) and upload one episode each month to Beneflix. Viewers then watch each episode and vote on what they want to happen next to the characters (kind of like those “Choose your Own Adventure” stories when we were kids). Every time someone votes, they are also donating a small amount to a charity of the series’ choice.

The second she got the offer, Liz called me, and she and I created “Obelisk Road,” a world where the supernatural is natural – and its power is not easy to resist. As the creators of this series, she and I are also sharing the title (and responsibilities) of Executive Producer. We are producing the series under the label of the independent film company Liz started a few years ago, Passage Pictures, and are shooting our very first episode this weekend! We could not ask for a better cast and crew, and we’re excited to see how the story of “Obelisk Road” unfolds.

Beneflix has already had a ton of great press and has garnered an impressive reputation in Los Angeles. We are SO proud and honored to represent New York at the company’s launch in March! There’s just one thing: no one at Passage Pictures or Obelisk Road is making any profit from the series. is a charity project, and any proceeds we make from viewers voting or otherwise will go directly to the organization we are sponsoring (we’re currently in talks to decide which organization it will be). Productions are expensive undertakings, and we are looking to you, our families, friends, fans, and community, for support. Every little bit helps, and anything you can contribute (food, supplies, monetary donations, etc.) will be much appreciated and put to good use. We will also, of course, put your name in the credits. Remember that is a charity project, and as such it relies heavily on the help and support of the community.

For more information or to make a contribution to “Obelisk Road” please e-mail I truly appreciate everyone’s support over the years – I know I wouldn’t be anywhere without all of you! I’ll be sure to let you know when launches, so you can watch, vote, and become part of the “Obelisk Road” story.

Take care everyone – and stay tuned!

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