Vampyre Confidential: Everything You Know About Vampyres is Wrong…

Along with producing my good friend Elizabeth Kerin’s latest project A Boy and His Bike, I have been busy preparing for my upcoming role in Kaliya Warren’s short Waiting. I play Miley, a troubled teen stuck between her tendency to try to make her life more exciting and her desire for a real adventure – to become someone of substance. In this slice-of-life-esque film we meet Miley as she sits in a waiting room, waiting for…what? Shooting starts in two weeks!

Now on to the main attraction: what is Vampyre Confidential? It is the deliciously dangerous world created by photographer, director, and screenwriter Joe Ritter. In this world Vampyres are real, and they are seeking revenge on the humans who tried to destroy evidence of their kind from history books. To be a Vampyre is to worship a matriarchial society. To be a female Vampyre is to be powerful, sexual, and above all – ruthless. What does this have to do with me?

Joe Ritter is writing, producing, and directing a live multi-media reading of his latest screenplay Vampyre Confidential/Rogue Coven (the latest installment of the series) at the Galapagos Art Space in early 2009. I am one of the actresses involved with the performance, as well as an assistant to Joe during this pre-production period. That means I not only get to help with the technical logistics of the show, but with the artistic development as well! This is something I’ve never done before, but – as with most things in this business – I’m expecting to learn a lot as the project progresses 🙂

Check out the Vampyre Confidential backstory:
Check out some of Joe’s work:

More info on the reading coming soon!

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