The Tompkins Square Romp (Space to Play)

I hope to see you at the park tomorrow!

Why? Well, a few months ago, some friends and I decided to start a non-profit organization, The Glass Company, as a way to raise social consciousness through art. Our focus is on Gentrification, specifically the changing face of the Lower East Side, NY. Tomorrow we’re holding a free festival as a forum for discussion on this very topic.

The Details: Saturday, April 26, from 12pm-4pm, at Tompkins Square Park (between Avenues A and B, 7th Street and 10th Street). Along with free food, the festival will include dance, live music, spoken word, puppetry and all sorts of theatrical work. There will be space for dialogue, letter writing, information, and a great environment to meet people from the local community.

So stop by for a minute, sit for a while, or come play all day! See you then 🙂

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