*sings* I wanna be a Producer…

…oh wait…I am a Producer! More specifically, I am the co-Executive Producer (and co-Creator) of Obelisk Road, a new supernatural web series on the Beneflix.com channel! Maybe you already knew that…I’ll bet you didn’t know that Beneflix went live this past Sunday. AND not only is the first episode of Obelisk Road waiting for you to watch it, it’s also the featured video on the site!

Here’s what could happen next:

You: go to http://www.beneflix.com/ and sign up to be a user on the site. Watch Episode 1 of Obelisk Road. Fall madly in love/become so obsessed with the story, you just HAVE to be a part of it too. Discover that you can be! How? By purchasing cNotes (at the top of your home page) and using them to vote for what you want the characters to do next. As if that isn’t enough incentive, you’ll also be giving back to the community, because all proceeds from votes benefit Obelisk Road’s charity of choice, the Seeds of Peace Organization.

Me: I love you 🙂

In all seriousness, I have never learned so much so fast. This project has been a labor of love – conception to delivery – and I cannot believe the role I’m going to be playing in its creation every month. (Okay I think I’ve officially retired this metaphor!)

All my life, I’ve had a strong belief in two things: the power of collaboration and the importance of learning things from different perspectives. I’ve made it a point to read both sides of a story, to travel as a tourist and a local, to always put myself in the other person’s shoes, because these things are important to me. I truly believe that experiencing a singular event from all angles helps me to be a better, more well-rounded person. Yes, producing is a very new thing for me – and new things are scary – but I’ve fried bigger fish (*ahem* climbing really, REALLY tall mountains with no previous mountaineering experience) before, armed only with my trusty post-it notes and pretty pen (*ahem* 30-page term paper the professor changed the topic for at the last minute). I feel proud to know that I am able to operate successfully on both sides of the camera – for a while there was a small part of me that didn’t think I could, and I’m happy to silence that doubt.

I owe SO much to the cast and crew of Obelisk Road for their patience with me and their enthusiasm for this project. I am incredibly lucky to be working with such talent – so I really don’t mind the stress and travails that come with the “Producer” title! I’ve also learned something really valuable about myself: of course I get worried – of course, when things go wrong, I have a moment of *PANIC* – but in the end, I’m surprisingly calm. When stuff piles up or my “to-do” list keeps getting longer, it’s okay, because I know that everything will get done. Breathing is good; it clears my mind. But then my mind turns into a tunnel – everything else is blocked out – and I tackle one thing at a time, just me and my multi-colored post-it notes.

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