Getting Ready to Film “Oh, Sophia”

Two weeks from today *insert excited squeal of anticipation here* I will begin filming “Oh, Sophia,” an Independent feature film from Peresempio Picture House. I’ve been attached to the project since the writer and director, Bornila Chatterjee, dreamed up the characters…what was it? Two, three years ago? By “attached,” I mean that at first I was just wildly enthusiastic about the script – a tale of Brooklyn non-love, a coming of age story for people who have (technically) already come of age, a girl’s struggle to bridge the world of her traditional family with the world of her new friends, all while finding herself.

The writing was smart and sassy and the characters were just so darn COOL. Somehow I convinced Bornila that I, and only I, could bring the girl, our protagonist Diya, to life on the screen. And for some reason she agreed! (Well…perhaps it was not quite so melodramatic as that, but when someone in the future writes the story of my life, I’m gonna need them to embrace the spice I throw into everything from cooking to storytelling!)

Here is Peresempio Picture House’s take on the story (one I absolutely cannot disagree with):

As with all Independent films, the biggest hurdle is never gathering the troops of eager, talented, creative people to form our wonderful cast and crew; our challenge to date is funding. We have had much success with securing in-kind donations from local Brooklyn retailers (for shoot locations, meals, clothes, etc.) and we are making headway with the financial contributions that make up the remainder of our budget.

So this post is first a plea and second a thanks – a plea to visit our beautiful SITE and contribute what you can, and a thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued generosity and support. I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have my friends and family (and some strangers!) believe in me as I reach for my seemingly impossible dreams.

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