I’m going to be on Pokemon!

That’s right folks! Mark your calendars now, because on November 22, 2008 you can finally admit your secret love affair with one of the most successful cartoons of all time: Pokemon. I’m so thrilled to have the chance to be a part of this show!

Listen carefully during throughout the show; I’m the voice of the (human) character Cocoa.

Recording at DuArt Studios was such a wonderful experience. I learned so much in such a short time! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the animated character come to life with my voice, and I really hope to have the chance to do so again. Keep your fingers crossed for me 🙂

Here are the details of the episode I worked on:

Pokemon Episode 1134
“Arriving in Style”
Air Date: November 22, 2008
Air Time: 9:30AM
Channel: Cartoon Network
Produced by: DuArt/Pokemon USA

Thank you all for your support!
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