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Pseudo-Meandering Thoughts on Midnight Showings, Film Adaptations of Books, and, yes, The Hunger Games

WARNING: This post contains spoilers. WARNING: I’m the world’s slowest writer; this took a few days to pen so yes, I’m aware that it’s timeliness is *slightly* off WARNING: I welcome debate and discussion if you disagree! I have never

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I Choose YOU…to be on Pokemon!

In case you didn’t catch it on Cartoon Network, here are my latest appearances on Pokemon. I absolutely adore any time I’m fortunate enough to work on this show, simply because it is so. much. fun. Being in the booth

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A Live Taping of The Martha Stewart Show!

Every actor has a survival job when they start out, right? Well, for the past 5 or so years, my survival job has been at the American Red Cross, teaching a variety of CPR/AED and First Aid classes. I absolutely

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