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Now I can tell my parents I was a doctor…

…in a College Humor web parody, that is! A few weeks ago I did some background work for They were shooting a parody of an “ER” promo, so I spent my day dressed in blood-soaked scrubs, running up and

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Check me out in "4074" Magazine!

In case you missed it before…that’s me! I’m featured in this month’s “Passions” section of the prominent New Jersey magazine, 4074. A HUGE thank you to Joe Sapia, who believed in me enough to contact me and write this wonderful

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Wow, it’s been a while…

…and it’s entirely my fault! I’ve found lately that my intentions are good – I intend to stay in touch with friends and family and actively maintain my news feed – but I’m a little lacking in the follow-through department.

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