“Ms. Shah is a winning performer: natural and naturally funny”

~ The New York Times

 Coming Up:

  • June 22: Super excited to flex my site-specific theatre muscles in a new play by the legendary Tina Howe, directed by the wonderful Ari Laura Kreith, and being mounted ON A BUS at the New York Transit Museum!! Click HERE to join us!
  • June 10: Desipina reunion night! A super casual gathering of some of my favorite artist people. Of course, we will be making and performing the art!
  • May 22: The night of the Fresh Fruit Festival Awards of Distinction Gala, AKA the night I take home my very first acting award- Outstanding Featured Performance as Marie Rodell in Rachel: The Musical!  Excited, honored, humbled :) Check out my News page for a video of my performance at the ceremony!
  • April 4-May 16: Hello from sunny Naples, Florida!! I’m working at Gulfshore Playhouse, a lovely regional theater (that happens to be 8 blocks from the BEACH), on Ayad Akhtar’s brilliant play The Who and The What. I’ve been wanting to do this show since it premiered in 2014 and I’m so excited to finally have the chance. Follow me on Facebook and Twitter for daily updates from the rehearsal room! And in case you’re in Florida…click HERE for ticket info!
  • March 25-27: Know what’s an awkward-yet-strangely-controversial topic? Taxidermy. I’m excited to tackle the subject matter while exercising some comedic chops for an NYU grad student’s short film!
  • March 18: This is as close as I’m willing to get to performing Shakespeare- playing a character in an unfinished Shakespearean play on a quest in modern-day England to discover how my story really ends. Dennis Agle Jr.’s Incompleat Works will be presented in Boomerang Theatre Company‘s First Flight Festival directed by Tim Errickson. More info/to reserve a seat click HERE.
  • March 7: Excited to work with Amios for the first time- catch me channeling my inner Norse Fate in a reading of the new folk musical The Ash Tree Spinners, by Liz Thaler and Erik Saxvik and directed by Jess Chayes! More info/to reserve a seat, click  HERE.
  • January 25-29: Have the privilege of working with The Public Theater (AKA an Actor MECCA) on a 29-hour workshop of a new musical being developed by an incredible director…who shall remain nameless, for now. I’m stoked!
  • November 1, 2015: This is absolutely not actor-news but who cares- today I ran my first MARATHON!! 26.2 miles through the streets of NYC and I smiled like a maniac the whole way. What an incredible day!!
  • Starting November 2014 (it’s 2016 and we’re STILL at it!): Time to get back into the booth – I’ll be spending the next few months (okay more like a year and change) recording a lead character in a new cartoon series!