“Ms. Shah is a winning performer: natural and naturally funny”

~ The New York Times

 Coming Up:

  • January 2015: Best way to start the new year? By finding out I booked another co-star role on a new television show!! The cherry on top is…you’re looking at the newest member of SAG-AFTRA  :-D
  • November 2014: Time to get back into the booth – I’ll be spending the next few months recording a lead character in a new cartoon series!
  • October 28, 2014 – May 2015: Today is October 20, and I just found out that I booked a lead role in a project I auditioned for a few weeks ago!!! I can’t post many details yet, but I DO know that it will be a long-term gig – and I can’t wait!
  • Did you miss my live appearance on NBC News 4 at 7 on November 5?? I represented the American Red Cross and talked with host Contessa Brewer about Choking care and tips. Watch the whole segment HERE!